About us


ROKUS is the brainchild and passion of Marie-Paule Tano, a London based independent designer via Paris and Abidjan, Ivory Coast. 
Marie-Paule's passion for jewellery started when travelling around West Africa, where she would roam markets looking for Art, gifts and trinkets and came across some antique bronze Akan beads and Amethyst gemstones sold by jewellery artisans from Niger. After this meeting, already an accessories fanatic, Marie-Paule started imagining the jewellery she would get the artisans to make just for her, sketching pages after pages of lines and shapes, which eventually would be made into highly polished super large bronze earrings, beautiful and unfortunately unwearable due to their weight. 
The ROKUS brand was born a few years later after Marie-Paule studied jewellery illustration and design at Central Saint Martins and jewellery manufacture at Holts Academy in London’s revered jewellery district, Hatton Garden. She learned about the chemistry of jewellery making, weight and proportion, started experimenting with wax carving, and fell in love with the artistic side of jewellery making. A Politics graduate from Brunel University, she worked in the Fashion, Finance, and for a luxury lifestyle company before eventually succumbing to her true passion: creating. 
ROKUS jewellery is handcrafted between London and Abidjan, combining traditional and artisanal African metalwork with modern Western jewellery making techniques and design to create unique fine and demi-fine jewellery pieces with our trademark bold vintage look. 
ROKUS London celebrates African cultures and heritage and brings a refined edginess. We like our pieces to tell a story, from their inspiration to the person that may be wearing them.