Materials, care & sizing

1. What our jewellery is made of:


Sterling Silver

We use solid 925 sterling silver to ensure great product quality. All our silver pieces over 7.78 grams are hallmarked in accordance with UK Laws. 


Gold Plated

Our gold plated jewellery uses a thick layer of 22 ct or karat yellow gold plating (1 to 2 microns) on based metals, either brass or bronze. For earrings, the pins or hooks that go into your piercing are made of sterling silver, which is the perfect option for those with metal allergies.


Gold Vermeil 

Refers to 925 sterling silver that has been plated with a thick layer of 22ct yellow gold (2 to 3 microns). This method produces a more resilient layer of gold that doesn’t wear away and ensures our jewellery is hypoallergenic. All our gold vermeil pieces over 7.78 grams are hallmarked in accordance with UK Laws. 


Solid Gold

We use solid 9ct, 14ct, 18ct, or 22ct yellow or white gold for bespoke and custom orders. A carat is the measure of gold’s purity, with 24 carat gold being the purest you can get. The price of raw gold fluctuates from day to day depending on the market. Pricing we quote for solid gold depends on the price of gold on the day and also varies depending on the estimated weight of the piece. All gold pieces over 1gr are hallmarked in accordance with UK Laws. 


Gemstones and precious stones 

We use a variety of semi-precious and precious stones we purchase from reputable suppliers who follow socially responsible practices and never source from conflict regions.



2. How to care for your pieces

We recommend you avoid direct contact with water, perfumes. lotions, creams and other chemicals, and also store your pieces away from heat, sunlight, moisture, hard surfaces, and other pieces of jewellery, preferably in the packaging provided or a soft fabric lined box or protective pouch to avoid any damage or scratching. 


Plated items can naturally fade over time depending on frequency of wear but with the proper love and care your ROKUS pieces will remain beautiful for years to come. You can get plated items re-plated with your local jeweller or by sending them back to us (costs apply).